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general use
  • general use

    1 Gram

    In addition to body cleaning, natural sea sponges are frequently used for cleaning our animal friends, homes, cars and other items. It is preferred in homes, especially for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, since their lifespan is quite long compared to fabricated sponges. 

    The color of the sponge may change.

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    • Product and Usage Information

      When buying a sponge for general use, you determine the size and weight. Pricing is per gram. You can buy one large piece and divide it according to your needs, or you can tell us. 

      For long-term use;

      1. Disinfecting in warm water: Never wash in the washing machine. Do not contact with bleach or other detergents. The first step, whether for the first use or for subsequent use, in both cases, place your sponge in warm water or soak it in running tap water.

      2. Add baking soda: Natural sponges are antibacterial and do not need to be disinfected unless there is an extraordinary situation. However, although it is recommended not to be done frequently, if you want a deep cleaning, you can add baking soda to the warm water where you put your sponge. Baking soda is a natural antacid that destroys bacterial growth and dirt formation.

      3. Avoid twisting and pulling : If you want to prolong the life of the sponge, avoid pulling hard. 

       4. Trim frayed edges: The edges can fray and shorten after a while, this is natural. You can use scissors to cut these edges. Trimming these edges helps them last longer.

       5. Rinse and let dry: After use, make sure that there is no soap, etc. on it. Let it dry by itself in an airy area. Keep away from microwave ovens, heaters, etc.

      6. Do not leave it in a humid environment: Always put it in a hygienic place. 


    • Returns and Exchanges

      There is no product exchange.

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