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Bath - 100% Natural Sea Sponge
  • Bath - 100% Natural Sea Sponge


    The round sea sponges in the image are for promotional purposes. If it is sent uncut, it is very difficult to determine the size and weight. In order to prevent disappointments that may occur afterwards, each sponge is cut in specified dimensions and weights.

    In the 2nd and 3rd images, you can see the cut form of the smallest size sea sponge, which is 10 cm. 10 cm sponges average 8-10 grams. The shape of the sponge that will be sent to you is the same as in the photo mentioned, considering the ease of use. You should choose the size yourself. Please contact us if you want a different shape or weight.


    Sea sponges can be used in any part of your daily skincare routine, and the most common use is for facials. Using a sponge is a simple process. They are your best option for deeply cleansing the skin. In addition to cleaning your pores, they can remove dead layers of skin without being too harsh. After applying a clay face mask, we recommend using natural sea sponges to help remove the clay from the pores and wrinkles. Before use, wet your sponge, apply some cleanser or soap and rub your skin gently.

    • Product Usage

      Tips on its use:

      1. Wet the sponge: The first step is to soak the sponges in warm water for a few minutes to soften them and get them ready for use.

      2. Add your soap or shower gel: For natural sea sponges, a small amount of soap or shower gel will suffice.

      3. Apply with circular movements: When you run the sponge on your skin with circular movements, it accelerates the blood flow in your skin with its soft texture and gently cleans the dead skin.

      For long-term use;

      1. Disinfecting in warm water: Never wash in the washing machine. Do not contact with bleach or other detergents. The first step, whether for the first use or for subsequent use, in both cases, place your sponge in warm water or soak it in running tap water.

      2. Add baking soda: Natural sponges are antibacterial and do not need to be disinfected unless there is an emergency. However, although it is recommended not to be done frequently, if you want a deep cleaning, you can add baking soda to the warm water where you put your sponge. Baking soda is a natural antacid that destroys bacterial growth and dirt formation.

      3. Avoid twisting and pulling : If you want to prolong the life of the sponge, avoid pulling hard. 

       4. Trim frayed edges: The edges can fray and shorten after a while, this is natural. You can use scissors to cut these edges. Trimming these edges helps them last longer.

       5. Rinse and let dry: Make sure there is no soap etc left on it after use. Let it dry by itself in an airy area. Keep away from microwave ovens, heaters, etc.

      6. Do not leave it in a humid environment: Always put it in a hygienic place. 

    • Returns and Exchanges

      Hygiene products are not exchangeable or refundable.

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